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Christian educators, homeschool families, parents,

and grandparents of elementary school aged children.

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Each issue offers lessons with a craft and an indoor

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Christian Concepts for Kids’ publications are great for Christian educators, homeschool families, parents, and grandparents of elementary-school-aged children.

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“A great resource for Sunday school teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to give children Bible knowledge on their level.”
- Paulette G.

“I really like how your lessons incorporate giving back to the community. It really sets Christian Concepts for Kids apart from other Bible lessons.”
- Jessica R.

“The girls loved the Generosity lesson tonight. Thanks! Oh they are so well written and poignant! Jessica even kept the paper when we were finished. :)”
- Donna M.

“I especially like the activities and crafts that reinforce the concepts in the lessons; for instance, sharing the play dough at the end of the ‘Selling Out’ lesson is a wonderful analogy that helps children understand that Jesus has paid the ultimate price and His blessings are free for us to share with one another. And I’ve never heard the term ‘sell out’ used in such a creative way. Thanks for your dedication in sharing Christ with others!”
- Nancy


Chapter One of
"Christian Living"

4 lessons

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