About Christian Concepts for Kids

Helping YOU Share Christian Concepts with Kids

Sharing is Our Goal

Our goal is to help YOU engage with children about Christian concepts through lessons, discussion topics, indoor and outdoor activites, and more.

The discussions and activities provide amazing curriculum for homeschool, children’s church, Sunday school, backyard Bible studies, summer camps, VBS, and other programs.

Our curriculum also provides parents and grandparents ideas for planning Christ-centered Family Fun Days and Grand Days (grandparents and grandchildren).

With our Creation Explorer publications, YOU have help sharing God's amazing creations in nature and in the garden.


Our scripted discussions are easy enough for a step-in teacher but yet still helpful for experienced teachers

Questions keep children interested and engaged, promote interactive talks, and encourage conversations.

Questions also help determine the children's knowledge and grasp of the concepts being discussed.

Activities and Crafts

Activities and crafts are included with each discussion. These (for the most part) help reinforce the concepts in fun and creative ways.

Mission-minded activities and crafts are an important part Christian concepts.

Our publications include ideas for sharing our God-given gifts and talents, serving our community, making disciples, and showing love to others.

Meet Karen

Karen Palmer is married with 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren. She, her husband, and three dogs currently live in South Carolina where she loves spending time with family and friends, gardening, writing, going on nature walks, and being outdoors.

Karen’s years of service in various children’s ministries, gift of teaching, passion for sharing Christ, and love for children has led her to write lessons that are scripted discussions of Christian concepts that are written with the elementary-aged child in mind.

Her goal is for each child to grow in his or her relationship with Christ, clearly understand each concept, apply it in his or her own life, and share it with friends and family.

Karen’s years as a Master Gardener and a Master Naturalist, leading nature walks, gardening, and love for nature have given her experience and insight into sharing God’s amazing world, flora, and fauna with others in her Creation Explorers books and some of the activities in this Christian Living book.

Writing books that are engaging and help children interact and discuss the amazing world God created and important concepts that help us live a great Christian life are something that adds to Karen’s excitement in life. She believes it is a blessing to be able to share what she knows and loves.


“The girls loved the Generosity discussion tonight. Thanks! Oh they are so well written and poignant! Jessica even kept the paper when we were finished. :)”
- Donna M.

“I especially like the activities and crafts that reinforce the concepts in the lessons; for instance, sharing the play dough at the end of the ‘Selling Out’ lesson is a wonderful analogy that helps children understand that Jesus has paid the ultimate price and His blessings are free for us to share with one another. And I’ve never heard the term ‘sell out’ used in such a creative way. Thanks for your dedication in sharing Christ with others!”
- Nancy