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Bible Study & Character-Building Lesson Plans for Christian Educators of Elementary-Aged Children

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide churches, teachers, and parents Biblically-accurate publications that assist children in their understanding of Christian concepts by association with familiar ideas and experiences.

Our goal is to encourage people to grow in their relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to apply each concept in their lives, and to share Christ with their family and community.

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Christian Concepts for Kids' monthly lessons

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Featured Publications

Monthly Lessons: "June 2017"

Theme: Deuteronomy

Lesson: "But I have to Tell""

“But I Have to Tell” lets children know that not everyone will accept their telling about Jesus and some not like their telling. We are still to obey God’s commands, even if it is sometimes hard.

Craft: "Prayer Board"

Items Needed: • General: Chalkboard Paint, Newspaper, Paint Brushes, Water Cup (to rinse brushes), Craft Paint, Miscellaneous Decorations, Chalk, Craft Sticks, and Glue • Per Child: 1 Sheet of Cardboard (empty cereal boxes work

Devotional Doodles: "The Holy Spirit"

Printable Activity Page

Family-Fun: "Bible Herb Garden"

“Bible Herb Garden” gives instructions for growing and using mint, one of the herbs mentioned in the Bible.

Outdoor Activity: Bean Bag Hop

Items Needed: • 2 Beanbags